Zeitkratzer go pop? Nah, they go ‚Songs’, fronted by Rechenzentrum’s Marc Weiser in a completely unique suite of contemporary music. Developed over several years and stemming from a commission for Zeitkratzer to soundtrack a fashion show, ‚Songs’ renders the ensemble – Burkhard Schlothauer (violin), Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello), Ulrich Phillipp (doublebass), Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Hild Sofie Tafjord (french horn), Hilary Jeffrey (trombone), Reinhold Friedly (piano), Christian Lillinger (drums, percussion) – at, ostensibly speaking, their most widely appealing with eight compositions structuring dense, yet finely layered orchestral movements around „proper” lyrics and vocals. Safe to say it’s not gonna challenge the charts, but will provide much for insatiable, dilated ears to gnaw on, and you might even find yourself dancing to the demented rhythms and extended vocal techniques of closer ‚Groove’.

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