» » » RUSSELL HASWELL [Conceptual nO!se] [LP]

RUSSELL HASWELL [Conceptual nO!se] [LP]


A great noise album made with analogue and digital sources „Proper brainfloss from indefatigable English noise demon Russell Haswell for the excellent Bocian Records. Following on from his cracking split with Pain Jerk and the outstanding ’37 Minute Workout’ for Diagonal, the five blizzards of ‚Conceptual n0!se’ also help to distinguish 2014 as a relatively prolific and vintage year for the venerable artist. It’s full bore Haswell; an atonal, arrhythmic relish of blistering analogue and digital sources – Analogue Systems, Apple, Audiofile Engineering, BugBrand, Doepfer, Fairfield Circuitry, f(h), Hinton Instruments, M.A.S.F., MOTU, Neutrik, RME, Zoom – smashed, curdled and red-lined to a thrilling oblivion. In the best sense of Russell’s music and the best noise music in general, it’s obviously jarring and extremely abrasive, but also a potently psychedelic and uniquely meditative thing if you let it be. Recommended!”

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