**Initial copies on clear vinyl. Mastered at Alchemy** Boldly engrossing electro-acoustic composition from award-winning Mexican composer, Rogelio Sosa, on the ever enlightening Bocian Records. As its botanical title suggests, ‚Daturas’ probes nightmarish, psychedelic aesthetics reflecting the toxic plant’s putative qualities – from use in „witches brew” to its use as a murderous poison and instigator of delirious states – and also its transition from spiny fruit to seductive, trumpet-shaped bloom. We’re not too familiar with Rogelio’s previous work, which spans numerous compilation appearances and his debut album ‚Raudales’ (2011) for Sub Rosa, so as far as introductions go, this is akin to a clammy clasp accompanied by spirally stare-eyes that suck you into his nether world. Bracing and unnerving to say the least. Side one, he peers into oncoming electro-acoustic gloom to make out keening black metal shapes in ‚Decenso’, before the infernal roil and densely symphonic noise attack of ‚Diabelero’, and the lucid, chamber-like clarity and agenda of ‚Visiones’. Side Two starts furtively in ‚Caida Libre’ but soon ratchets a cloud of vicious shoegaze/noise harmonics, giving way to the Darvazian, ten minute fire pit drones of ‚Câliz Del Inferno’ and the acrid metallic discord of Última Invocacion’. It’s arguably the label’s strongest side since Kevin Drumm’s ‚Crowded’, and a strong recommendation for all psychonauts and seekers of entrances to hell.

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