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KEVIN DRUMM [Phantom Jerk] [LP]


Arch electro-acoustic drone/noise explorer Kevin Drumm returns to ‚Imperial Distortion’-alike drone scapes on this abridged (3 tracks instead of 4) vinyl issue of his 2013 CDr release, ‚Phantom Jerk’. Using six oscillators, Drumm casts a shadow world of sedentary low end sag and keening, glassy highs as haunting as they are piercingly compelling. The 23 minute A-side moves as slowly and furtively as anything from his modern classic, ‚Imperial Distortion’ for Hospital Productions, leading us thru successively dank, cold antechambers of isolated, wavering frequencies arranged with stoic logic. The B-side opens with a shorter, redemptive piece, almost painful in its achingly bittersweet beauty, and culminates in a thirteen minute piece of glacially layered, acrid tones yielding a spectrum of smeared, wide bass and beautifully hypnotic high end discord.

gatunek: drone, dark ambient

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