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Płyta wydana nakładem Londynskiej Wytwórni On The Corner Records. Okładka wykonana przez Victoria Topping. Produkt Importowany.

‘Zaire’ is the beginning of a new narrative for the artist. In this first chapter Khalab creates urgent compositions with layers of sound from the past, present and future. ‘Zaire’ is underpinned by an intensely pounding heart of other-worldly percussion. The collaged loops frenetically jab in syncopation breaking off when the inherent swing casts its discrete groove to summon the dance. Unrelenting waves of synthlines, basslines and rhythm find harmony amongst the melodic chants and distortion. Already making Gilles Peterson’s ‘All Winners’ list on BBC 6 Music ‘Zaire’ is a breathtaking nucleus for airwaves, dancefloors and, any digital devices masquerading as a beatbox. The tracks ‘Aeh’ and ‘Night in the Jungle’ are the vessel from which the heat of ‘Zaire’ steams. DJ Khalab has departed and with ‘Zaire’ Khalab has arrived On the Corner.

released March 2, 2018

A1. Night In The Jungle 01:43
A2. Zaire 03:02
A3. Zaire (Will LV Remix) 05:47
B1. Aeh 03:16
B2. Zaire (Medlar Remix) 04:58

Data wydania: 2018

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