An absolute find from the label that gave us Kevin Drumm’s amazing ‚Crowded’ album last year, if you’re into Mika Vainio, Eliane Radigue, Eleh, Aaron Dilloway, Holly Herndon – we urge you to check it out* The excellent Bocian imprint follows up that heavyweight Kevin Drumm LP with an engrossing split of minimal electro-acoustic composition from two Polish artists. Most impressive is Anna Zaradny’s A-side, ‚Octøpus’. Ostensibly static yet deftly, subtly rhythmic, it makes for a memorable first introduction; lulling us with hypnotic microtonal bass drones which grow stereo fluctuating pulses and (what might be) fragments of chiming vocals conducted with the precise, haptic electronic sensitivity of Holly Herndon and the patient development of an Eleh or Eliane Radigue recording. Depending on what element you focus on, you’re either listening to thrumming bass patterns or transfixed by the fuzzy harmonic glow, but allow your ears to defocus slightly and occupy the middle ground and it makes for a wonderfully immersive, aerated and swirling concoction, timing the introduction of pensile, airborne layers and tones with a genuine sorcery. By contrast Burkhard Stangl’s B-side ‚Crédit’ is organic, grounded, rendering shimmering guitar strokes into crushed glass textures and hovering harmonic overtones and grainy waves of bass over one extended piece. A real treat from this already promising label, highly recommended.

gatunek: elektronika, awangarda

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